Teacher Professional Development

Teachers are known to exact the most impact of students. Research show that well trained teachers are more likely to get three times as much learning out students than untrained teachers. The effectiveness of any educational system depends on how effectively teachers perform their duties.

To remain current with the 21st century knowledge and skills they need to perform their professional duties effectively and efficiently, teachers need to undergo regular professional development. Learning Questa provides Primary and Secondary School teachers with training on:

  • Research-based teaching strategies
    • Active Learning
    • Cooperative Learning
    • Inquiry-based instruction
    • Teaching 21st Century skills
    • Classroom Management
    • Differentiated Instruction
    • Project/problem-based Learning
    • Performance and authentic assessment
    • Literacy Across the Curriculum
  • Problem-solving and Decision making
  • Leadership Skills/People Development
  • Relationship Building
  • Communication Skills
  • Organizational Skills
  • Lesson Planning
  • Managing Special Needs Students

Our Beliefs

Our teacher professional development program is hinged on the premise that:

  1. Higher order thinking skills are not taught as separate skills. Instead, they are developed .. within the contexts of student’s real life experiences that call for students to relate what they are learning to their lives outside of the classroom by thinking critically or creatively about them or by using them to solve problems or make real life decisions.” (Brophy 1992).
  2. The students’ role in learning is not to absorb or copy what the teach says or writes on the board, but to actively make sense and construct meaning for themselves” (Brophy 1992).
  3. Young children learn best when they become active participants rather than passive learners.” They make more progress… when they are permitted to work together in groups to solve complex problems, allowed to engage in class discussions and taught to argue convincingly for their approach in the midst of conflicting ideas and strategies. Even young children can do these things well with a little encouragement.” -(Harriet Tyson 1990)
  4. Students learn best by doing, and doing is best when it is related to what they are familiar with – When it involves engagement with real or near real problem solving.” (Sergiovanni 1995).
  5. The greatest enemy of understanding is coverage. As long as you are determined to cover everything, you actually ensure that most kids are not going to understand. You have to spend enough time to get kids involved in something so that they can think about it in lots of different ways and apply it – not just at school but at home and on the street and so on. " - (Brandt 1993)
  6. The purpose of teaching is to move students away from being absorbers of information to being processors, synthesizers, creators and users of information”- (Sergiovanni 1995)
  7. Too often we give pupils answers to remember rather than problems to solve” - (unknown)
  8. The sooner teachers are seen as knowledge workers, professional educators and leaders, the sooner schools will improve.” (Stenhouse 1984)
  9. Quality Professional Development should be a process, not an event.” -(Unknown).

Our Model of Teacher Professional Development

Learning Questa strives to foster excellence through rigorous professional development (PD) trainings that are tailored to expose participants to worthwhile experiences by immersing them in PD content (content, pedagogy and Andragogy). Our model of teacher training includes the training of:

  • Beginning teachers (0-5years of teaching)
  • Experienced teachers (6-30 years of teaching)
  • Master teachers (6-20 years of teaching)
  • Instructional leaders (Principals and their Assistants)

Contact us at learningquesta.com to discuss your options with an experienced PD manager.

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